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After School Learning Program

Schools are considered more than just being temples of knowledge. They are spaces which allow ideas to thrive and grow just like all the stakeholders involved. From kindling positive behaviours to ensure a holistic development of every child, schools are secure centres of transformation and impact creation.

Given that the potential of schools is an ever-expanding one, we believe they also offer equal opportunity to teachers and staff to grow themselves in better human beings.


What this entails

BeninQ After-school Learning program is a customised learning methodology which focuses on a child’s capabilities and is developed accordingly. By assessing and gathering information of child’s learning abilities, it builds on specific areas in which the child requires attention. This program is either implemented during or after-school hours where the child isn’t pressured into learning.


@ School

Why choose our after-school program?

With learnings aids, interactive books and tools, children are encouraged to develop multiple intelligences through thoroughly trained staff. This includes teacher training or consultancy with us, which directly benefits the students opting for this comprehensive program.

Turns aimless hours into productive learning time.

Kids with learning and attention issues feel more accepted and loved.

Exposes kids to new interests and encourages them to pursue those.

Direct interaction with teachers helps kids improve their social skills.

Educational outcomes, school attendance and socio-emotional learning of students enhanced drastically.

For Children

A unique program that is creative and engaging for kids.
Specifically targets enhancement in every child’s academic and social learning abilities.

For Parents

The program that helps a child stand out in academics and extra-curricular activities.
Helps your children choose a career of their own by exploring their interests.
Focuses on developing key abilities that will empower the child to be responsible, independent and make informed choices.

For Educational Facilitators

The go-to program for every teacher and educator who embraces an interactive learning method departing from traditional instructional teaching.

It introduces you to a learning perspective that sparks enthusiasm and makes you a continuous learner.

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